Free Real-Time Options Flow

Options flow, especially with quality data can cost hundreds of dollars. At Aries we get that the average investor cant afford to invest 5-10%, monthly, of their account for data. Part of our mission is to democratize stock market data.

What is options flow?

Simple, options flow data is a culmination of large and unusual options trades.

Where can I access options flow for free?

All Aries clients can access a realtime feed of the flow, here. If you are not a client you can still view a 15-Min Delayed feed.

How do you track activity options?

How do you use options flow to gain an edge? Simple, you are looking to see a large amount of the same unusual or super-sized bet being made. If more than one institution is making a massive bet, then it is worth keeping an eye on.

For example, below you can see three large bets being made for the SPX CALLS. This would mean that the specific trade being mentioned is worth looking at

What is unusual options activity?

Unusual options activity tracks and queries options trades that are not typical for a specific stock. It is comparing a particular trade to previous options trades and showcasing those which are unusual.

What is a sweep option?

A block trade is a large or unusual options trade made in a single order. On the other hand, a sweep options trade is an extensive or particular option trade made in many orders in an attempt to mask the trade.

What is institutional order flow?

Most retail traders will not be taking six-figure options trades. Institutional order flow attempts to track extensive options trades explicitly made by institutions or “big money.”

What is trade flow order?

A trade flow order is an order that is based on a specific options flow or unusual flow order.

How do you use unusual options volume?

As a trader building, a watchlist is incredibly essential to a profitable. Options volume is a representation of the overall volume surrounding a stock. Tracking unusual options activity allows a trader to weed out the fluff and try to find setups within what are the most actively watched stocks in the market at any given time.

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