Deposit: ACH/Smart Transfer

Step One: Open the Aries mobile application settings, then click manage funds

Step Two: Proceed with the login, and then select smart transfer in the transfer method drop down

Step Three: In the from dropdown, select + add an account

Step Four: Search for your bank & link it to your account by logging in. If you are having problems with linking or are unable to see your bank on this list, check here.

Step Five: Once linked you can select your bank in the from dropdown & proceed with your deposit.

Make sure to select the proper account to trasnfer in to. If you are looking to trade stocks & options this would be your equity account.

Problems Linking Bank: ACH Banking Form

Sometimes your bank may not be listed or you could be having troubles connecting it within the app. For these cases we allow customers to link their accounts manually, this only has to be done once.

Step One: Navigate here to find the manual ACH form.

Step Two: Fill out the form and ensure the below checklist items are completed

Step Two: Email the completed form to [email protected]

If you do not receive an update in two business days call in to client services


Please make sure you have completed the following items to ensure a timely turnaround:

• Applicable account information entered on this form

• Voided check or deposit slip included

• Account titles match

• Form has been signed by all parties

Disclosures: Aries Financial, Inc. is not a broker-dealer or investment advisor. Securities and investments are offered through TradeStation Securities, Inc., Members FINRA and SIPC. Additional information about your broker can be found by clicking here. Aries refers to Aries Financial, Inc mobile App and website, and with securities offered through TradeStation Securities, Inc.

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