Auto Trade Alerts Bot

This is AlertBot, admins can use the commands to send share links to any order on Aries. Members of the channel can then click those links to submit the exact same order within two seconds!

Add AlertBot to your channel

Get Started

  1. Add bot to server and provide required permissions.

  2. Create channel OR use an existing Alert Channel.

  3. / starts the command process.

  4. Once the process is started you will see a variety of alert options on your screen. Simply choose between Options or Stock

  5. Then selected the order type:

    1. Limit

    2. Market

    3. Stop Market

    4. Stop Limit

    5. Bracket

    6. Trailing Stop

    7. Trailing Percent

  6. Add additional optional parameters, if available. These include stop losses, close trade, and more.


For help, please reach out in our Discord

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