Deposit: International Wire

You DO NOT have to convert funds to USD before sending to your account. Transfers are accepted in any currency from any bank and are converted upon arrival.

Step One: Navigate to your banks wire transfer page or, select a transfer service from here

Step Two: Navigate to the settings on mobile Aries platform. Once there, select manage funds, and select wire as the transfer method.

Step Three: Select the account youd like the fund deposited to & set a trasnfer amount.

Step Four: Select View Instructions and, return to your bank or sending account.

Most UK & international clients use Revolut or their standard bank to send Wire Transfers. Many also deposit using crypto, which you can learn more about here. List of Providers below

Step Five: Use the instruction information presented to you to send the transfer from your bank

Payee: Tradestation Securities

Account number:066628636

Routing number: 021000021

Country: United States

Currency: USD

Recipient's address 8050 SW 10th St Ste 2000 Fort Laudadale 33324-3205 United States

Step Six: Confirm the above details have been entered correctly and save the Payee.

Sending the funds

Step One: Select the new payee/Tradestation Securities profile

Step Two: Enter the amount you want to send in USD

Step Three: Input the following details in the REFERENCE field without the quotes:

"Further Credit To: {Your full name} /Account number: XXXXXXXX /By order of: {Your full name}"

That's it.

When you want to send again, just select one of the old transactions and proceed from the sending funds step.

International Wire Services

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